Pamela Atkinson
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Visual Artist

Pam Atkinson has developed learning projects for Inland school districts, participated in a variety of grant programs, and was the administrator of a successful, youth art program at the Riverside Art Museum.  Helping children  create art is her passion.  “All children need to express themselves by drawing, painting, and making art.  The ability to develop creative ideas, problem solve, and use perceptual thinking to visualize a unique work of art are skills that will set a student apart, no matter what they choose to study in college or pursue as a career.

Click to view Pam’s teaching experience.

Pam is a painter.  To view her artwork, please visit http://pamelaatkinson.net


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Rhonda Schmechel

    Dear Pam and Sofia,

    I enjoyed having you in my classroom over the years. The students learned and had fun. Your artistic work with children is inspiring. The website is wonderful! I look forward to revisiting.

    Thank you,
    Rhonda Schmechel
    Saint Francis de Sales Catholic School
    Riverside, California

    1. Pam and Sonia Post author

      Dear Rhonda,

      Thank you so much for visiting the site and for your comment. Your support means a lot! Saint Francis is a wonderful school with a terrific staff and great teachers like you!



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